subdir-objects generates subdirs with unsubstituted variable names

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subdir-objects generates subdirs with unsubstituted variable names

R. Diez
Hi there:

I have the following open-source project that cross-compiles to an embedded target:

I am trying to keep automake happy in order to prevent the following kind of warnings:

  EmptyFirmware/ warning: source file '$(CMSIS_SRC_TEMPLATE_DIR)/system_sam3x.c' is in a subdirectory,
  EmptyFirmware/ but option 'subdir-objects' is disabled

After all, as far as I am concerned, automake can create as many subdirectories as it wants in the build directory. However, when I add option "subdir-objects", automate generates subdirectories like this when compiling:

drwxrwxr-x 3 rdiez rdiez  4,096 Oct  6 20:53 $(BARE_METAL_SUPPORT_DIR)
-rw-rw-r-- 1 rdiez rdiez 30,584 Oct  6 20:53 Makefile

Note that the directory name contains a GNU Make variable that has not been
substituted. Later on, linking fails because it does substitute properly when looking for the file. For example:

Makefile:424: /home/rdiez/rdiez/arduino/asf-standalone-archive- No such file or directory

I looked further around the in build directory, and I found more directories like that:

  $ find . -name "\$*"

Note that the $(ASF_BASEDIR) etc. variables have not been expanded either when creating those directories. Those variables do work well all over the place, as I am using "AC_SUBST(ASF_BASEDIR)" and so on in the top-level file. I guess autoconf or automake are not dealing correctly with those absolute paths outside the project directory when they contain variables.

I am using Ubuntu 14.04, which comes with autoconf 2.69 and automake 1.14.1. I am building out of the source tree.

I could try with VPATH, but then there will be ambiguities if 2 files are called the same but live in different subdirectories in the source tree.

The Atmel Software Framework (ASF) is a C source code library that, as far as I know, does not provide an autotool building environment. My project does use the autotools. Some C++ source files are in my project's directories, but some files live in the ASF directory, which can be anywhere on the system (user configurable, normally an absolute path).

I thought I could just reference those ASF .c files from my autotools project, but with the latest versions I am getting warnings like the ones above. This is how I am referencing the files:

libsam_a_SOURCES = \
     $(LIBSAM_PMC_DIR)/pmc.c \
     $(LIBSAM_PMC_DIR)/sleep.c \
     $(LIBSAM_PIO_DIR)/pio.c \
     $(ASF_BASEDIR)/sam/drivers/wdt/wdt.c \
     $(ASF_BASEDIR)/sam/drivers/rstc/rstc.c \
     $(ASF_BASEDIR)/sam/drivers/uart/uart.c \
     $(ASF_BASEDIR)/common/utils/interrupt/interrupt_sam_nvic.c \

I wonder if that is the right way to reference those files. Maybe I should create a library for each foreign directory referenced that way.

This kind of question has been asked before, but I have not found a satisfactory answer yet. For example:
  "Source files in different directory?"

Here too:

Think, for example, of sources being in a read-only mount (like a CD-ROM).

Other files do live in my project directory, but are special and get referenced directly from the main makefile:

# See the comments in the Bare Metal Support library's
# for information about why these files are compiled here.
emptydue_elf_SOURCES += $(BARE_METAL_SUPPORT_DIR)/NewlibSyscalls.cpp
emptydue_elf_SOURCES += $(BARE_METAL_SUPPORT_DIR)/crt0.cpp

Is this a bug in automake? Or is there a way to keep Automake happy?

Please copy me on any answers, as I am not subscribed to this list.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: subdir-objects generates subdirs with unsubstituted variable names


I know it's old but are there any updates on this? I'm experiencing the same issue.