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bug#18274: [ENHANCEMENT] Additional Tables

Arthur Schwarz
It would be useful for there to be a set of tables to allow ready
identification of macros and variables and .. required for different
functional areas (especially for newbies like me).

For example:
  What stuff is optional/required/relevant for
     Placing support files into standard places (README, NEWS, .)
       make install
       make dist
       make distclear

  And whatever else comes to mind.

The current index provides two extremely useful views, macros and variables,
but these are not associated with functionality. It's the same as saying
read everything to get anything.

For the non-discriminating reader it is a daunting task to read the entire
manual to find some simple thing. The resources currently available are the
topic headings in the TOC, index topics and the macro and variable tables. I
wonder if these things can be leveraged to provide a more focused look.

I'd be glad to help.